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October 1958 a physicist invented a simple tennis video game that was similar to what was called pong in the 70s. Yes, you guys read right the first video game was launched in the 60s but was not commercialised. They required mainframe computers to run. But if we take a look at what we guys have we will realise we have come a long way. Nowadays people have PlayStation, Xbox, pc and most importantly phones which all basically allow us to play games anywhere on the earth we want. Plenty of games have come and gone over the years but some of them have acquired a big place in people’s hearts as well as minds. You as a consumer are only concerned with the end result like how the game turns out to be but we as a developer go through a lot to deliver you that amazing experience.


Games though might look easy to play but for it to be easy we have to go through various sleepless nights. The process or the phase from which a game goes from an idea to an end product is known as game development. The effort of developing a game is taken up by a developer ranging from a single person to groups or big companies. These projects are usually funded by a Game development is basically the art of visualising and forming an idea on how to provide people with what they cherish. It includes idea generation, plan, design and building, test and delivery. While you make a game, consider the game mechanics, rewards, player commitment and level plan. The development process includes pre-production, production, milestones, post-production.


These games are produced out of software development for the sole purpose of profit earning. A pre-planned financial estimate is essential because it helps you prepare yourself beforehand. Failing to do so might lead to over expenditure and in return losses, in fact, the majority of games do not produce a profit. It is no game of luck it is a pre-planned and strategized development that should be done properly with at most sincerity. But sometimes it becomes difficult to manage all this by small companies or start-ups. That is where we come in because you can always outsource! is a continuously evolving and rising 2D & 3D game development company in Ghaziabad.
We have a highly competitive team of game developers who hold good experience in the game conceptualization, 2D & 3D animation and programming skills.
Using these skills we have built excellent AR games and apps.


We offer a variety of services including . In Game Development, it becomes challenging to provide a unique and enjoyable experience to the players.
We put equal concern on both UI and UX design. Our UI UX design services are provided with established design standards, highly organised workflows, and well-structured guidelines. We assure you to create the product you need. You can expect high-quality services like 2D and 3D concept art, design and animation, Coding, Testing, maintenance and support for both Android and iOS platforms with our team. We are on all the latest technology used for 3D modelling and 3D rendering of the characters.
Our team of game developers ensure the best possible 3D models that fit neatly into the story of the games and enhance the gaming experience of the end-users. Also, we provide android, iOS as well as unity game development services. SO, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Give a chance to the best 3D game development company in Ghaziabad.

and let us know what you are looking for. You will not regret your decision of working with us as we see ourselves as a development company and whose aim is to provide game development services to you in this case.



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