Augmented Reality in Packaging?


Many of you must have heard or seen augmented reality being used
in many domains or sectors. Many of you all must be even working in
the domains where it is being implemented and some of you might even
own the business, well that’s not our point. We just want to let you know
that AR can also be used in many other creative ways which make
peoples lives easier and fun, but in this blog, the spotlight goes to AR
used in packaging.


From the very beginning of one’s higher educations, we are taught what
is packaging but for those of you all who don’t know about it, don’t worry
and don’t feel left out because we are here to enrol you in all this
information. Packaging goes all the way back to the 1035 era where some
Persian travellers noted that grocery stuff was wrapped in paper before
they were sold off. Packaging is basically wrapping or covering products
infancy custom made wraps which intend to serve various purposes to
the various company –
1.makes it attractive of the product convey messages promote something
5.helps in product identification
6.helps in self-service sales
7.enhances brand image
Some products are properly packed in tough wraps to protect
them from damages on the way in trucks or in planes, like you must
have seen how on some products, they put a tag named fragile which
indicates to the movers that they are precious good and needs to be
looked after carefully.


As you all know due to the pandemic almost everything went online and
many businesses who couldn’t make the move from offline to online
faced heavy losses, while on the other hand people like us who
identified that technology has a major role during these times were not
affected that much, as most of the work is online. Marketing campaigns
is a heavy task and requires a lot of hard work, money and time which is
quite difficult to provide nowadays, but no worries as AR makes it
simpler and easier to pull off the campaigns online in which a major role
is played by packaging. As you know packaging of a product acts like a
product identification tool, we have seen people who recommend things
to other people as — “try that product with the blue packet “because
many people forget the name of the commodity, maybe it is complex or
maybe it is long, well it’s a topic to be discussed some other time. So,
coming back to AR in packaging, we as a whole feel it is a very good
step taken by the companies to implement AR in this sector as well because
we feel packaging leaves an impression in peoples minds which they
never forget rather pass their feedback on to others. So from our
perspective adopting AR in packaging is a great decision for the
the company as well as for the consumers.


Everyone trying to shift to the online mode of business as soon as possible
and meanwhile if you stick to print media for campaign promotions, you better be ready to incur losses. So, companies have come up with
the idea of putting a bar code on their packaging which when scanned
by the consumer opens ups different pages selected by different brands,
as some opt for promotion while others focus on feedback of the
product. In recent times, we have also seen companies adding stories of
the covid warriors on their juice bottles to show respect to them. So, whenever a consumer or user scans the code, he/she will be directed to a
page with a story of the covid warrior. Isn’t it cool?

Advertisements and other techniques are now passing away with time and people don’t pay much attention to them rather they pay on certain apps to remove ads permanently. Brands and companies must have a reality
check and move on to more trendy and latest technology and start using
new strategies to promote their product or service.


1. It helps to take the brand from offline to online in no time plus if one
adds an OQ on their product it will help the consumer to scan it and
visit the information one had added in it and make them feel as if
they have a brochure in their hand.
2. There is an increase in the number of people who use phones
each day which means that this trend will not go out of fashion for
a long time.
3. Due to covid times restaurants have adopted QR menus which
help people see the menu on their smartphones without actually
having it in their hands is quite cool. It is done so that people
do not have to come in contact with other people.
4. Companies using physical modes of campaigning cannot provide
much information about their product while on the other hand a
website attached to the QR code can lead people to know almost
everything about the one’s product.
5. It is cost-effective as only the site attached to the QR code needs
to be modified or updated the actual packaging with the code
doesn’t so it leads to cost-effectiveness and helps companies earn
more revenues.
6. Attract more eyes and increases the brand value as people are
curious about what will be on the other hand of the QR code and
cannot resist themselves but to scan it, in turn, creating brand
image as well.


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